Manchester sex workers’ rights case collapses

Manchester sex workers’ rights case collapses

A years-long court case that would have tested sex workers' right to offer services together in brothels to protect themselves collapsed earlier this week after police refused to provide evidence.

Three women, viz. Jane Young, Catherine McGarr and Deborah Daniels, were arrested and accused of running a brothel together in Greater Manchester in July 2011. Charged with running a brothel, the trio faced up to seven years in prison if they were found guilty during the trial.

But, the case collapsed on Tuesday this week after the chief investigating officer, DC Philip Anderson, failed to give evidence. Young, McGarr and Daniels were kept on bail for the last five years.


It would have been a first of its kind case in the U.K. as the women were planning to use argue during the trial that under the Human Rights Act it was against sex workers' rights not to allow them to work together.

Prosecutors David Temkin said that Anderson was not able to attend the trial because of his worsening health. However, he didn't disclose the officer's medical conditions.'

The U.K.'s 1956 Sexual Offences Act states that running a brothel or soliciting sex on the street is illegal. Under the nation's Sexual Offences Act 2003, causing or inciting prostitution or controlling it for personal gain is a punishable offense.


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