Manchester to cut frontline mental health services

Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust are pushing ahead with their plans to cut funding for frontline mental health and care services, despite a massive public outcry.

According to fresh media reports, Manchester’s mental health bosses are due to cut eight different community-based services, hitting nearly five hundred patients, at a board meeting planned to take place on Thursday.

The list of targeted services includes arts and gardening-based therapies and precise treatment for people suffering from chronic fatigue, psychosexual and affective disorders.

MP Lucy Powell, a representative for Manchester Central, said, “It is very disappointing that the board have not taken on board the very serious concerns we have raised and that the public have raised as well. We will be looking at what further steps we can take to protect these vital services.”

Graham Stringer, who represents Blackley and Broughton areas, called the move “irresponsible,” adding that it would hurt people suffering from mental health issues and the people taking the decision won’t be there to see the consequences.

The state’s mental health bosses decided to cut the services despite a big public outcry. A public consultation conducted last year concluded that people were against the proposed cuts. The respondents had overwhelmingly called for the services to be protected.

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