No Gamma Rays Detected During Gravitational Waves Occurrence

No Gamma Rays Detected During Gravitational Waves Occurrence

Researchers have failed to find any gamma rays that might have been produced simultaneous to the occurrence of gravitational waves, which were discovered while two black holes were merging. Gravitational waves are the fluctuations in the framework of spacetime. ESA's INTEGRAL satellite has failed to find any gamma rays, in line with the predictions made in the model. The terrestrial Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) detected gravitational waves on September 12, 2015.

These waves were generated by the two black holes, when they coiled towards each other before merging. The duration of the signal was not even 0.5 second. This was the first of its kind revelation of gravitational waves, a concept that was predicted a century ago by Albert Einstein. Several astronomical facilities were informed by the LIGO team two days after the finding, to search for the probable counterpart from where the gravitational waves got generated. The LIGO source could not be arrived at, except a very long spectrum across the sky.

The nature of the source of gravitational waves was uncertain and it was being expected that subsequent investigations into the electromagnetic spectrum will reveal some important data regarding the source.


Archives were examined by the observatories in hope of finding some data that might have got serendipitously collected during the gravitational wave detection. "We searched through all the available INTEGRAL data, but did not find any indication of high-energy emission associated with the LIGO detection," said the lead author of the study, Volodymyr Savchenko of the François Arago Centre in Paris, France.

A team of scientists also investigated the data of INTEGRAL to find evidence regarding some abrupt explosion of hard X-rays or gamma rays when the gravitational waves were discovered. The INTEGRAL satellite was likely to have some relevant data since it is highly receptive to transient sources of high-energy emission across the entire sky.

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