New Mexico Governor visits Los Alamos to announce how Settlement Funds will be used

New Mexico governor Susana Martinez announces that over $32 million will be spent to improve several things in and around Los Alamos National Laboratory. Water infrastructure and storm water controls of the region badly need improvement, the governor said.

The amount of $32 million will be used to solve these issues. Plus, roads will be repaired with this grant so that radioactive waste could be transported easily from the laboratory, Martinez announced during her visit to White Rock in New Mexico.

The highlighted money is a part of a deal of about $74 million between the southwestern state and the Department of Energy. The settlement was announced citing the 2014 radiation leak that resulted in closing of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad.

The New Mexico governor’s recent visit to the place was her first stop of her statewide trip to regions that are affected by the recent deal in January this year. The money, under the settlement, will be used to repair the roads of the southeastern part of the state that are used to transport waste to WIPP.

The settlement will be huge for the state, announced Martinez while addressing reporters along the shoulder of N.M. 4. The road is among several other state roads that will be repaired with the $12 million settlement.

In a statement, Martinez said, “We are dedicated to making sure that safety to our workers, our communities and our environment always comes first. We continue to embrace WIPP and LANL as our partners”. She also said that she is impressed with the work done at the national laboratories of the state.

Director of the lab, Charles McMillan, and Deputy Director Rich Kacich were also at the place when the governor announced about the settlement.

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