Concord Mills to undergo major renovation project

In a bid to attract more customers, Concord, North Carolina-based shopping mall Concord mills is undergoing a major renovation project that will bring significant changes to its interior.

Simon Malls, the owner and operator of the shopping mall, said in a statement that the renovation project would start in May this year and wrap up sometime in early 2017. He added that the renovation aimed at creating a brighter, more appealing atmosphere inside the mall.

Concord Mills general manager Ray Soporowski said that their goal was to continuously evolve the shopping experience for their local as well as outside shoppers.

Speaking on the topic, Soporowski said, “Concord Mills’ renovation is a highly-anticipated project for the community … in the Charlotte market. Our goal is to continuously evolve the shopping experience for our local shoppers, as well as the thousands of people who visit us from outside Charlotte each week.”

In order to minimize shopper disruption, most of the renovation work will be done during the night while stores are closed. Mall officials declined to reveal the estimated cost of the project.

The long list of planned changes includes a redesigned dining area with new chairs, tables, LED lighting and tile flooring; valet parking, improved lighting and signage throughout the mall; and four new lounge areas with new seating and improved Wi-Fi.

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