FBI’s data extraction tool limited to iPhone 5c and older models

The FBI has ended its legal battle with Apple after it managed to purchase a tool that would unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone 5c without seeking any help from Apple. Now, it has been found that the tool would not work on newer models of Apple iPhone and was specifically design for iPhone 5C.

The case has derived bittersweet victory for Apple. At one end, it was great for Apple that it has been relieved from the side of government, which was constantly asking to provide software to unlock San Bernardino shooter’s phone.

On the other hand, the news about a tool that can successfully hack into an encrypted iPhone has questioned security and privacy features of iPhone. The FBI was too happy to come across the tool that it has even shared the same with others in the government who required to unlock other iPhones and iPads. The tool allows the FBI and government agencies to unlock the iPhones without needing Apple’s help.

It how now been cleared that not all iPhones and iPads will benefit from the tool. FBI director James Comey has also admitted that the tool only work for specific devices in the market. He has not provided details of the model on which the tool will work, but he did mention that it would not work on newer models, including the iPhone 5s.

Now, Apple can take a sigh of relief knowing that its most recent devices are safe from the tool. But there are many older models that are being used and they remain vulnerable to possible similar hacking tools.

The FBI is said to have shared details of the exploit with high-ranking US senators, but it seems that it has no plans to disclose the same information to Apple.

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