Do We Finally Have a Way to Eliminate Zika Mosquitoes?

Zika virus has become a global problem and in many Latin American countries, it has taken several victims. Several countries around the world are under threat due to the deadly mosquito-borne disease, and medical experts are looking for a cure to deal with Zika virus. Now, a Canadian doctor has claimed to find a cheap and effective way to fight Zika virus.

According to Dr. Gerardo Ulibarri of Laurentian University in Canada, he has a DIY trap, called an ovillanta, which may help in cutting down populations of disease-carrying mosquitoes.

In a new study, Dr. Ulibarri said that the infectious diseases like Zika virus can be treated with just $3.50 and an old tire.

Ovillanta traps can capture about seven times more eggs of mosquito Aedes than standard traps, claimed the doctor. Aedes mosquitoes are known for spreading Zika virus. The study has been released on F1000Research, an online website.

Ulibarri said that when he and his team started work on the project, dengue was on their mind, and not Zika virus. The team asked health workers and more than 15,000 Guatemalans to use their ovillanta traps that can kill mosquito eggs. According to Ulibarri, they didn’t have an idea that the same mosquitoes would later become cause of deadly Zika virus outbreak in a number of countries.

“We are now pivoting the project towards the Zika public health emergency”, said Terry Collins of Grand Challenges Canada.

The study in Guatemala was conducted for about 10 months. During the study time period, the trap captured more than 180,000 Aedes eggs. Just 84 ovillantas were used during the study, as per the research team. In the same time, the standard traps captured just 27,000 eggs of these mosquitoes.

Ulibarri said the team showed results to Guatemala’s Ministry of Health and everyone was impressed and decided to expand the trap’s use.

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