Bigfoot exists in woods of New Hampshire: many residents believe

Though scientists are not ready to agree about the existence of Bigfoot, yet some people in the Granite State insist that the huge, mythological creature really exists.

Bigfoot is said to be a mythological ape or hominid-like creature. In North American legends, Bigfoot is generally described as a huge, hairy humanoid. Some people believe that Bigfoot really inhabit dense forests in the Pacific Northwest.

Scott Luca, a resident of Deering, claims that he has recorded “crazy noises” made by a Bigfoot coming from behind his residence. Believing in the presence of a Bigfoot behind his home, he never walks there without a gun.

Claiming the presence of Bigfoot, Luca said, “I heard a noise that was so hideous and loud. It was not a fisher cat. It was not a bobcat. It was loud and demonic . You could see the fur, and the strides they took were amazing.”

Last year, Luca and his son showed up for a town hall meeting in the North Country to discuss their encounters with Bigfoot, and they were not alone. As many as 500 people were there, and many of them said they believed in Bigfoot’s existence.

Michael Eastman, who lives in Berlin, claimed that he first saw a Bigfoot in 1973. He added that when he saw the huge creature, he could not catch his breath. From there, he never doubt about the existence of Bigfoot.

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