Puma Creates Interesting BeatBot for Training People for Running

Sportswear major Puma has created an interesting robot named BeatBot, which can run as fast as sprinter Usain Bolt and can be used for training people for running faster. BeatBot can help in improving running time as the small box-shaped automated device runs as fast as Olympics medalist Usain Bolt. BeatBot can follow the lines on the track and is powered by infrared sensors.

Puma BeatBot comes with accelerometer and rung with Arduino microcontroller. The robot has been provided with front facing camera and it is capable of counting the revolutions of its wheels and can track the distance covered. Puma informed that BeatBot can make up to 100 adjustments per second, based on the data it collects about its speed and distance covered.

Puma’s robot can help sprinters to push their limits in fast running. The robot would be equally helpful for long distance runners.

Puma is currently having a shoe deal with Bolt. BeatBot can reach speeds of up to 44.66 kilometers per hour and is quite challenging for runners. Using apps, the robot can be programmed.

Puma has worked with advertising agency J. Walter Thompson New York and many robotics experts for the Beatbot project. The BeatBot robot looks like a Puma shoe box and the video shared by Puma showcases its amazing skills. Puma has loaded it with GoPro camera and LED lights.

Talking about the robot, JWT New York executive creative director Florent Imbert told Fast Company, “We found a lot of anecdotal evidence that head to head competition raised performance levels, even a few studies that showed an uptick performance. But, to us, it felt like a human truth. Running against an invisible clock will never be as motivating as running against someone—or something.” “While the cost of the current model makes it prohibitive for the average consumers to train with,” he says. “The plan is always to develop new models, products and ideas to inspire every athlete.”

The only drawback of the robot is its cost for an average runner. JWT creative director Mr. Imbert termed the cost of BeatBot as prohibitive.

Imbert says that while line following robots are commonplace, building one that could reliably stay on a line and around corners at 44km/h was a few orders of magnitude more complicated than they initially expected. “We went through over eight prototypes, and interrogated every aspect of the robot, from the weight of the car, to the lag between the Arduino and servo. We even enlisted the expertise of a NASA robotics engineer and three MIT grads.”

A CS Monitor report informed, “Puma has unveiled a new kind of raceable robot that will help pace runners to beat personal records or attempt to match records of previous champs. The new bot has the look of a Puma shoebox on the go and can achieve speeds that would challenge runners as fast as even Usain Bolt on the tracks.”

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