Donald Trump’s Unconventional Ways Win Him Republican Primary Title

Among one of the ways Donald Trump has gone unconventional has not been noticed. He repudiated the concept of demonizing Planned Parenthood. He pledged to reduce federal funding for Planned Parenthood towards contraception and sexual health services since abortions are part of the Planned Parenthood services. Apart from this, the organization is involved in carrying out appreciable operations. Republican voters had several choices when it came to selecting the primary.

Voters, however, chose Trump, according to whom he admires certain operations of the Planned Parenthood, one being their dedication towards saving women from cervical cancer. His take on Planned Parenthood does not seem to be a valid explanation of Trump’s victory. However, his support, despite being limited, towards the organization which is considered to perform genocide by anti-abortion groups, is worth being noticed.

Earlier, Hillary Clinton and Trump were being compared by saying that both are the strong supporters of Planned Parenthood. However, this is untrue because Hillary Clinton revealed the support towards boosting the funding for Planned Parenthood and conversely Trump stated his decision to cut down federal funding for the organization.

Trump’s partial support towards Planned Parenthood is the result of his daughter Ivanka’s efforts. According to a statement by an undisclosed source associated with Trump, The New York Times wrote in its Ivanka Trump’s profile that she managed to, “successfully convinced her father to maintain his qualified support for Planned Parenthood in the face of Republican criticism.”

This is probably required because despite several scandals and videos on Planned Parenthood being involved in illegal trafficking of fetal tissue, the organization continues to be extremely popular. This was revealed by a poll conducted by NBC News/WSJ disclosing that the organization is more popular than anything else, be it the NRA or Barack Obama. Furthermore, another survey revealed that 60% Americans were not in the favor of cutting federal funds for Planned Parenthood.

According to a report in MSNBC by Irin Carmon, “The voters passed. Instead, Republican voters lined up behind a man who said of Planned Parenthood, “I have a lot of respect for some of the things they do, the cervical cancer on women.” While Trump’s statements on Planned Parenthood don’t explain why he won, it is nonetheless notable that his refusal to demonize an organization anti-abortion groups consider responsible for genocide was no deal breaker for a majority of primary voters.”

Planned Parenthood says that’s because, by its count, 1 in 5 women have visited their facilities at least once and formed its own conclusions. Subsequent investigations into Planned Parenthood over the videos have resulted in no charges for anyone but the anti-abortion activists who made them. They were indicted in Texas in an investigation that was supposed to bring down Planned Parenthood. That, too, may have also defused the videos’ impact beyond the most committed anti-abortion voters.

“Planned Parenthood says at least 24 states have cut its clinics of funding since mid-2015, when anti-abortion activists released videos purporting to show group officials negotiating prices for aborted fetal tissue. The footage gave rise to accusations that Planned Parenthood trafficked in body parts, which the group denies.,” according to a news report published by Life News.

Brownback vowed in his State of the State speech in January to make sure that “not a single dollar of taxpayer money goes to Planned Parenthood” through the Kansas Medicaid program. But reimbursements continued. In early March, the state Department of Health and Environment said it was continuing to work on the termination of Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid funding “in accordance with the law.”

A report published in Washington Post said, “A Planned Parenthood attorney says Kansas will not cut off Medicaid funding for the abortion provider until May 24. Attorney Bob Eye said Friday that Planned Parenthood and the state Department of Health and Environment agreed on the timing of the cutoff after Planned Parenthood filed a federal lawsuit. A department spokeswoman did not immediately return a telephone message seeking comment.”

The state notified Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri earlier this week that Medicaid funds would be cut off as of Tuesday. The lawsuit seeking to block the action was filed the next day. Eye said the parties agreed the two-week delay would give them and the presiding federal judge more time to prepare for a first hearing that is now expected to be May 17.

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