‘Lexi’ — a $5 iOS app that leverages Amazon Alexa digital assistant

A new iOS app called ‘Lexi’ has recently been launched by Bluetoo Ventures. The app, which was first spotted by The Next Web, leverages Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant. It used the Alexa services API in the palm of the users’ hands, without the need for any separate device.

The ‘Lexi’ app — which requires the users to authenticate via an Amazon account — is essentially Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant packaged as an iOS app. The cost of the app is $5.

According to the details shared by Bluetoo Ventures, the new Lexi app chiefly depends on the Voice Services functionality of the Amazon Alexa digital assistant. The users of the app can use it in the same way as they communicate with the Amazon Echo systems.

With the help of the Lexi app, iOS users can give out voice commands to review news headlines, get weather reports, check traffic conditions, reorder products from Amazon, and obtain information about local business, among several other things.

For accessing the features of the Lexi app, users simply have to tap and hold on the screen, and give voice commands like “Lexi, read me the news” or “Lexi, tell me the weather.” The app will proceed with the voice requests when users lift their finger off the screen.

Lexi app lets users ask Alexa questions about the weather, news updates as well. Pretty much what Siri and Google Now also offer on the iPhone. However Alexa’s streaming music and books integration still need that Amazon Echo device, reports TheNextWeb.

Amazon’s Echo is a cylinder-shaped speaker with Internet-connected microphones where Alexa is supported. Alexa is competing against other voice-controlled services such as Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s search engine. Amazon’s voice-assistant can now perform more than 300 tasks, such as hailing car rides, turning on lights and controlling home thermostats.

The Echo now ranks among Amazon’s top-selling items in consumer electronics in the US.

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