Theory of Wildlife officials could be wrong, Wolf Culling leads to Increased Poaching: Report

Theory of Wildlife officials could be wrong, Wolf Culling leads to Increased Poa

Wildlife officials believe legal hunting of an endangered animal for a limited period can help in control of poaching, while many conservation groups say legalizing culling actually increases illegal activities, like poaching.

Authors of a new study claim they have evidence to prove that governments and Wildlife officials’ theory, which says legal hunting reduces the illegal killing, isn’t effective. Although the hypothesis has been supported by a scientific research in the past, the authors believe the theory doesn’t have benefits for threatened animals.

The study on wolves in Wisconsin and Michigan has been published Wednesday in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The authors say they have found clues suggesting that governments’ decision to allow killing of wolves usually results in increased illegal killings in the states.


The authors believe the states- Wisconsin and Michigan- are ideal for such an experiment because governments here have changed wolf populations’ status many a time in the past. In just few years, the animals were placed, delisted and then again placed in the endangered species list.

This flip-flop led to increased poaching activities in the states, as per the authors. “The increased poaching is suggesting that liberalizing wolf culling may have sent a negative message about the value of wolves or that poaching prohibitions would not be enforced”, they added.

Wildlife experts think the new study is generating controversy and it was the major reason Adrian Treves of the University of Wisconsin and Guillaume Chapron of the Swedish University of Agricultural Science conducted it. The conservationists want protection of wolves in the Midwest and some other region, the experts added.

Landowners are also against the protection to wolf species. They said wolves are now numerous enough in some states and they could pose a threat to livestock.


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