Amazon’s new AWS IoT buttons will make accessing Internet of Things lot easier

Amazon launched this week customizable AWS IoT Buttons for sale on its website. These are similar to Amazon’s Dash Buttons. But Amazon’s newest buttons are not up for sale, they are meant to access the Internet of Things.

They act as physical button to connect with digital services. The button can be used as a remote control for Netflix, a switch for light bulb, a check-in/ check-out device for guests and a way to order pizza for delivery, among many other things.

The new AWS IoT buttons costs $19.95 and will be in stock from May 15 as a way for developers to learn how to use the company’s various cloud services. The buttons are also listed as a limited release. “You can click the button to unlock or start a car, open your garage door, call a cab, call your spouse or a customer service representative, track the use of common household chores, medications or products, or remotely control your home appliances”, said Amazon.

It is being said that these new buttons are not as easy to set up as the standard Dash buttons. There will be a need to configure the IoT buttons with AWS frameworks, available free for use. It is hoped that physical buttons may help Amazon to reach maximum homes.

For now, Amazon has no plans to expand its platform to enable non-programmers to make their own buttons, or to allow companies to have their own Dash buttons to sell to customers. But it seems that other companies have already started working on this front.

The company IFTTT is making it possible for consumers to create single-purpose icons on their phones that can set to, say and send the words to desired recipients

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