Nurture relationships as they are vital for our wellbeing

Nurture relationships as they are vital for our wellbeing

A survey was carried out to mark Mental Health Awareness Week. It has unveiled that we give utmost priority to our relationships, but then also there is a tendency among us to ignore them.

In the survey released by the Mental Health Foundation, 2,000 adults from the UK took part. Out of the total, 46% regret for not putting in much effort in their relationships and majority of the cases are of men.

After knowing this, the foundation is encouraging people to make a relationship resolution. Nia Charpentier, a spokeswoman from the charity Rethink Mental Illness said that those who will sign up for the event on their website will receive a message on New Year’s Eve to check their progress and encourage them continue the efforts through 2017.


“What we hear time and again from our supporters is how important friends and family are on the road to recovery from severe mental illness”, mentioned Nia. She further mentioned if you have people in your life who understand you and are supportive can make a difference in quality of your life.

Social interaction can reduce the risk of mortality and developing certain disease. It also helps individuals to recover more quickly from illness. Relationships can be source of strength, but can also be extremely damaging if a person is manipulative.

Dr Natasha Bijlani, consultant psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital, was of the view that health relationships are very important for one’s physical and emotional health. Such relationships help motivate a person’s confidence level.

A person’s mental health can be damaged by a relationship of intimidation, bullying and coercion. In some cases, such a behavior can lead to chronic problems. Having a healthy conversation with a person you have a relationship with may make you smile from within and outside.


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