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Amazon has solved an issue for people who do not own an Echo, but desire to play around with the device and check out as to how it works. Amazon has put Alexa, the voice-powered AI present in Echo, Dot and Tap, inside the browser, with the launch of

People will be required to log with Amazon account and can start asking Alexa questions by clicking and holding on the mic button. Amazon’s Alexa will answer basic questions with regard to information, weather, news and music and control other gadgets present in the home.

Using Amazon Echo, you can use your voice to order anything from a pizza to an Uber or even tune your guitar. In 2015, Nexmo developer advocate Sam Machin at a hackathon built Using it, anyone can check out how Alexa works by accessing the web.

It seems that Amazon has been making efforts to turn Alexa into a platform that expands beyond Amazon’s own hardware. Lately, Amazon has launched SDKs and APIs so that both hardware and software developers could integrate Alexa into their wares. With the latest launch, Alexa has become even more accessible.

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