McEnroe enters the world of coaching with Miolos Raonic

Once again, after a long time, probably after a span of two decades, John McEnroe has been in the limelight. On Sunday, the flashes of cameras and the scuttle of media scribes was observed in front of the coach’s dug-out where Milos Raonic was playing. Unfortunately, the Canadian star has lost to the Spanish outsider Albert Ramos-Vinolas on Sunday and crashed out of French Open. Following requests, the former legendary player has agreed to be coaching consultant of Raonic, just before the clay-court Grand Slam began.

On Sunday, McEenroe said on the occasion, “It does not seem that he will not be able to do well without my advice. He has potential to move further. So, at this juncture, he could deliver better show with some technical guidance. And my job is to provide him tricks of the trade only.”

At the same time, former Wimbledon champion did not hesitate to remark, “You will see change in his game and in the Wimbledon this season he will be the man to watch.” And Raonic was asked about decision to bring McEnroe as coaching consultant in spite of the fact that he had already roped in two prominent coaches before, Carlos Moya and Ricardo Piatti.

The Canadian, after losing in the fourth round, was talking to media and said, “I was in search of somebody whose vision and technical knowhow on the game was unparallel. And finally I have been able to convince him to join as coaching consultant.” It has been a common trend in the top level tennis for quite some time where renowned players have been joining the players of present generation as coaches. But simultaneously, divorce incidents in the field have also become visible like Mauresmo-Murray or Edberg-Federer incidents.

In this situation, it will also have to be observed that how long McEnroe-Raonic relationship lasts.

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