Tesla Motors all set to have splendid opening of its Nevada-based Gigafactory on July 29

Tesla Motors has informed about start of operations at its upcoming Nevada-based Gigafactory. The company’s latest facility will have a gala opening on July 29. Tesla is going to carry out official opening at the time when some sections of the manufacturing facility are still under construction.

Lately, Tesla Motors has completed only 14% construction of the facility. As per the company, Tesla wants to have a ceremony so it could officially open the factory in two months. Invitations for the event have been sent.

It has been found that only selected people have been invited for the event. Also, those have also been invited to who were part of Tesla’s Model S sales referral program as they have referred five buyers. Invites to these people were posted by Tesla to Reddit.

On the same night, Tesla will also organize a customer-focused launch event. For now, it is not sure whether media has been invited for the event. It is also not known where the event would be organized, but it is speculated that the event would also include a chance for invitees to see the facility from inside.

The only media company, which has been lucky enough to have a round of the factory, is Motor Trend. But that was in May and it also had a look of it from outside the factory. It is not expected that Tesla will be done with the construction between this period, but the company has been regular in carrying out events where the constructed has completed.

The Gigafactory has been setup in an area of 5.8 million square feet. Tesla Motors will spend $5 billion for the factory and Panasonic is supplying equipments for battery production to the company. This factory will be only focused on building batteries for Tesla’s electric cars.

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