Mayo Clinic Plans 2-Million-Square-Feet Research Space Extension

Non-profit medical practice and medical research health system, Mayo Clinic, is planning an extension of 2 million square feet in its research footprint over a time period of less than 20 years to fulfill its broader perspective of establishing the downtown clinic as a destination medical center. The plan was revealed by the Rochester, Minnesota-based group on June 7, 2016. The plan entails the construction of an urban bioresearch campus, according to John Noseworthy, MD, CEO of Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Noseworthy added that the campus will be specifically concentrating on finding novel treatments for illnesses, with private researchers operating on the medical frontlines in partnership with the group’s physicians.

Dr. Noseworthy revealed the prevalence of increased requirement for additional medical research space in the private sector. The existing space of the clinic is 15 million square feet, inclusive of 1.3-million-square-feet research space in Rochester.

It is established on the land owned by the group over an area of six blocks. The Destination Medical Center (DMC) plan of the group marks the area as ‘Discovery Square.’ The newly planned bioresearch campus will cover a broad spectrum of subjects like genomics, regenerative medicine, and biotechnology. Mayo Clinic is currently on a lookout for a real estate developer for the supervision of its new project. The groundbreaking ceremony for the project is likely to take place in 2017.

The accomplishments of the clinic in the field of research in 2015 were flaunted by Dr. Noseworthy. He revealed that the research budget allocated for 2015 was $662 million. In addition to this, the clinic began 2,723 new studies, along with the publication of its researches in thousands of journal articles. The report disclosed that the group did not submit any particular construction plans to the city as of June 8, 2016.

According to a story published on the topic by Beckers Hospital Review, “Under the plan, which Mayo Clinic announced Tuesday, the health system will build an urban bioresearch campus that will focus on discovering new cures to diseases as private researchers work with Mayo Clinic physicians on the medical frontlines, said President and CEO John Noseworthy, MD, according to the report.”

According to Dr. Noseworthy, there is high demand in the private sector for more space dedicated to medical research

The clinic’s current footprint spans 15 million square feet, including 1.3 million square feet of research space on Mayo-owned land in a six-block area of Rochester. The area is known as “Discovery Square” under the destination medical center plan.

“The researchers tallied patients’ responses to come up with an overall score, plus subscores for communication with physicians, pain management and communication about medicines, care transition, and discharge information,” according to a news report published by Reuters.

They did see some seasonal variations, with better scores in July and August than in September/October or January/February.

Dr. Karl Bilimoria of Northwestern University in Chicago, who has studied the effect of surgical residents on patients but wasn’t involved in the new research, told Reuters Health that in July and August, there may be more vigilance and extra staffing to make sure surgical residents receive supervision and patients receive the best care.

A report published in Duluth News Tribune said, “Mayo Clinic is more than doubling its research space, the first major step in a $6.5 billion plan to increase its Rochester presence. The overall plan, known as Destination Medical Center, would add 30,000 jobs to world-famous Mayo and double Rochester’s 100,000 population.”

In Rochester for an unrelated event, the governor said that 49 other states and many other countries would have loved to host DMC. He said the project, along with the University of Minnesota Medical School, will attract more medical organizations to Minnesota.

This week’s announcement, made at a San Francisco international bioscience conference, is about the creation of Discovery Square, a bioresearch campus that will include physicians, researchers, scientists, and businesspeople. Mayo says they will work “in an ultramodern setting for science innovation.”

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