LAPD to Drive Electric BMWs on Three-Year Lease

German automaker BMW has bagged the contract to provide 100 electric cars to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), defeating California-based Tesla Motors Inc. BMW will be supplying 100 units of its i3 all-electric plug-in vehicles on lease to LAPD, which will use these cars for community outreach and other police business. These cars will not be utilized for patrolling or car chasings. The new contract will boost the number of electric vehicles (EVs) being used in Los Angeles across different departments to nearly 200.

The new contract displays the efforts being made by the city to boost its sustainability. The LAPD had experimented with Tesla’s P85D, which is a discontinued Model S variant, in 2015. While on look out for the replacement, the Police Department chose the BMW i3 over the P90D of Tesla. BMW is more fragile and small in comparison to Tesla, but it is economical. The BMW car is priced at $42,000, which is much less that 50% of the cost of the Tesla.

The small German electric car will be offered on a monthly lease of $387, according to Vartan Yegiyan, who oversees the motor transport division of the LAPD. He added that the total lease amount for 100 cars over a period of three years will be approximately $1.4 million, inclusive of the cost of maintenance and repairs. Yegiyan also stated that in future, an extra $1.5 billion will be spent on establishing an infrastructure for charging the BMWs and other EVs.

The i3 lease deal of the LAPD could make way for acquiring vehicles that are more appropriate for the purpose patrolling. “We want to go to the next step. They will absolutely be the patrol cars of the future,” said Police Chief Charlie Beck. Furthermore, the LAPD will be provided with 100 Level 2 and four DC fast chargers by a California-based company, Greenlots, revealed BMW.

A report published in USA Today revealed, “But that’s what going to be happening in Los Angeles, thanks to deal to lease 100 of BMW’s small i3 electric cars in a bid to enhance the city’s sustainability efforts.”

he Los Angeles Police Department has taken out a three-year lease on the the fleet. It will pay $387 per month per car, including maintenance. It gets cheaper yet: Since they are electric cars, there will be no gasoline costs and as part of the deal, a company called Greenlots is supplying chargers.

“Other car manufacturers competed, they couldn’t beat the price,” said Vartan Yegiyan, director of police transportation for the police department, at a press conference near police headquarters to show off the fleet.”So BMW did do their homework and they wanted to sell the cars.”

“German automaker BMW has beaten California-based Tesla Motors Inc. by winning a contract to supply the Los Angeles Police Department with 100 electric cars,” according to a news report published by LA Times.

In the last year, the LAPD has been seen testing Tesla’s P85D, a variant of the Model S that has been discontinued. The Police Department was apparently looking at buying or leasing the replacement, the P90D, but decided on the BMW i3 instead. Weak and small compared with the mighty Tesla, the BMW is also more affordable. The small German electric car costs $42,000, or well under half the Tesla’s price.

Although the Tesla is capable of massive acceleration, top speeds suitable for high-speed chases and a range of almost 300 miles, the smaller, more moderate i3 accelerates quickly, has a lower top speed and can go only 80 to 100 miles on one electric charge.

According to a story published on the topic by Clean Technica, “After a year-long test of two Model S P85D loaner cars and the all-electric BMW i3, an important announcement was made this morning. Greenlots, the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), and BMW of North America are partnering to launch the new Los Angeles EV police fleet.”

“The city of Los Angeles has a plan to make 80% of all fleet purchases electric by 2025. LAPD is the first department to start moving towards that initiative. Their goal is to get to over 500 EVs over the next five years. In this initial phase, Greenlots is supplying 100 Level 2 chargers and 4 DC fast chargers, along with our smart charging platform that bridges the electrical mobility demand-side management behind the meter for energy storage, which enables the LAPD to scale up the number of vehicles they have without needing to scale up the infrastructure every time they deploy a new vehicle,” explained said Brett Hauser, CEO of Greenlots.

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