Key to perfect cup of coffee: Colder the beans the finer and more uniform particles from grind

Key to perfect cup of coffee: Colder the beans the finer and more uniform particles from grind

Want to have a better tasting cup of coffee? A new study has found a solution, before grinding your roasted coffee beans put them in fridge for some time and it will result into a perfect cup of coffee.

A new study has found that colder temperature results into finer and more uniform particles that result into enhanced flavored coffee. The study findings can prove immensely beneficial for the coffee industry as they use them to even better their coffee products.

Dr. Christopher Hendon, associated with MIT, said that by having smaller grinds, flavors can be better extracted. When beans are cold then they result into better extraction of flavor compounds, which means that more amount of coffee can be produced from the same amount of beans and also, coffee can be brewed for less amount of time.


Heldon has also noticed, “It will alter the taste, because subtle changes in particle size distributions make a huge difference in rate of extraction. People are trying to produce a very high quality drink with really quite powerful tools and are willing to try new things”.

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, co-owner of Colonna & Smalls said that grinding coffee seems to be quite simple concept. You just need to break coffee into tiny pieces, so it can be easily dissolved in water. But there are certain procedures that may have a huge impact on the flavor and quality of the cup of coffee.

When beans would at a constant, cooler temperature then the particles would be more uniform upon grind. Colonna-Dashwood said that the research paper stresses on the fact that temperature of beans need to be more constant to achieve the desired consistent grinds.


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