Jason Day says determination is the key even in adverse weather condition in Oakmont

Jason Day says determination is the key even in adverse weather condition in Oakmont

The forecast on Oakmont does not seem inspiring. There can be heavy rain and thunderstorms and the forecast has precisely been made that this turbulent weather that has already begun on Wednesday in the ongoing US Open can even be consistent for the forthcoming days.

The participants are also being the victim of this tumultuous weather. Chilled breeze seems to be slaughtering and scratching the players’ strength and their throat. But Jason Day seems gritty even in this extremely detrimental atmosphere. He is talking about the players’ attitude and determination. And world number one says, “If you have attitude and fervor then weather should not be your obstacle.”

And with these comments Jason Das asserts that even in this utmost unfriendly weather condition he will be in the race for the title in the US Open.


Day does not seem to be afraid of stress. He has been fighting against all odds since his childhood and since his early days Das is used to acclimatize with any kind of mental stress. At one of his life Das felt so devastated after struggling with severe illness that he decided to quit the game. Even, he had to overcome a serious physical damage when he was suffering from vertigo very recently.

This vertigo threw him on the ground in the second round in the last year US Open. Still Day stood up and tied for the lead through 54 holes and finish at ninth position. Naturally, with such superhuman quality, it is natural that Day would smile at the journalists and say, “Yes, the weather condition has made US Open little tough, but I am fine.”

And at the same time, the world number one would also add, “No doubt, US Open has been difficult for the golfers mainly due to unbending weather condition in Oakmont. But simultaneously, winning US Open amidst such adverse condition will be always glorious for any player.”


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