Dolphins will leave Baltimore Aquarium; Debate is on over the move

Submitted by Jeanne Rife on Fri, 06/17/2016 - 21:53

The dolphins will leave Baltimore, and this has torn up the land mammals. When a 10-year-old Ella Ransome watched a dolphin dubbed Foster glide past her in his National Aquarium tank in Baltimore, showing her his dolphin grin, the little girl said that the dolphins should be set free, but at the same time if they left the place they will be highly missed.

Everybody will miss them. But at the same time, it can’t be neglected that aquariums, zoos and circuses result into some difficult dilemmas in the relation between humans and fellow beasts.

Is the enslavement of animals just for the sake of entertainment right? There are numerous people still in pain thinking of Harambe, the majestic, endangered lowland gorilla who was killed last month by his Cincinatti zookeepers after a three-year-old infant fell into his enclosure.

Animals are more threatened by humans than humans are of animals. Though the case was opposite for the parents of two-year-old Lane Graves, whom an alligator attacked at a Disney resort Tuesday night.

Since long, research has shown that animals suffer psychological harm when they lead life in captivity, yet there exists a way to justify the lock up of creatures in tanks and cages.

A mother playing hookey from her human cubicle cage while her children waved to the dolphins asked, “How else will we get to meet them and learn about them? And why would we treat dolphins differently than other animals. What about ants? Do we change everything to make sure we don’t hurt ants?”

The beloved Dolphin Discovery stars of Baltimore aren’t going anywhere just now. The aquarium will take nearly four years to build an ocean sanctuary in Florida or in the Caribbean and transfer the dolphins.