Sphero Launches New Version of Educational Robot

Sphero has released a newer version of its educational robot SPRK, which was launched last year with a complete range of projects and educational ideas. Sphero has now introduced SPRK+ and new version of the app. Together they offer several enjoyable challenges and projects, which act as interactive lesson schedules.

Certain activities actually involve step-by-step coding, which is extremely easy and then there are other activities, which entail determining the creative use of the Sphero’s movements. The price of SPRK+ is a bit more than SPRK as it includes a scratch-resistant coating, along with an improved tap-to-pair Bluetooth Smart connection with the robot. Enhanced Bluetooth will be helpful for those educators, who are required to establish a connection between multiple rolling Sphero robots.

The SPRK+ is silent in majority of the cases. However, new programmable sounds have been added to the new version of Lightning Lab app, which gives an impression of the little coding partner making beep and boop sounds. Numerous activities can be performed, out of which, some have been created by Sphero, while others have been developed by community. Several tasks can be performed, with some requiring coding, or constructing and concluding a task.

Others require the kids to design and complete mazes. Many activities have been developed on the STEM platform. Android, iOS or Amazon Fire tablets and phones can be used as remote controls to spin the motors of the robot at different speeds and directions.

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