Researchers raise concerns over increasing temperature in NYC and suggest ways to curb it

A new study regarding climate change impact on New York City has predicted 3,331 individuals could die every year due to higher temperature 60 years from now. There could be lot of difference in our current weather patterns and what would be the conditions after six decades. But, researchers have indicated that temperature above 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) could lead to increased deaths in New York.

The new study has raised concerns by unveiling the level of human loss could take place in New York City if no additional steps are taken to adapt to global warming. The research states that as 3,331 people on annual basis could die by 2080 in the city if steps to lessen emissions are not taken. The research paper published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives has unveiled that more than 1,779 health-related deaths to take place on annual basis could be prevented if greenhouse trajectories are followed.

Study’s lead researcher Elisaveta Petkova said that they have assessed data from 33 global climate change models. The researchers said that dehydration, heat exhaustion and respiratory conditions could become the leading causes of death.

With passage of time, climate change is getting severe and people have started to feel its effects. In fact, the researchers have mentioned that more number of people could die owing to rise in temperature.
This is the reason that the researchers have mentioned that 3,331 individuals could lose their lives annually 60 years from now owing to climate change, especially when temperatures are above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

“If New York happens to experience something like this, which is more likely due to climate change, [with] more extreme heat events. the consequences can be devastating”, mentioned Petkova.

But things can be made better by releasing least amount of greenhouse gas possible in the atmosphere and also, by making people to learn coping skills. This can be done by developing more public cooling centers. Higher-level of adaptation could result into 1,198 fewer-heat related deaths.

Air conditioning is quite prevalent in New York City, but the researchers have suggested other ways as well like the installation of reflective roofs, tree plantation and green infrastructure.

The researchers have also suggested that fossil fuel emissions in New York City should be lessened. With decline in fossil fuel emissions, almost 2,000 fewer yearly heat-related deaths could be saved.

The researchers said that the time between now and the next century is very important. It is the best time to act, as any further delay would prove taxing. As per the researchers, climate change models for the 2020s, 2050s and 2080s for the New York City has been made.

Between 1970 and 2000, climate change lessened owing to air conditioning. According to the researchers, demographics also play an important role in the climate change equation. By the time 2080 comes, it has been predicted that the number of hot days will increase by triple-fold. Owing to which, the researchers have suggested to take serious steps against climate change.

The research paper has come at a time when the Obama administration is putting in a lot of efforts to tackle climate change with protecting public health. With rise in temperature, more number of people will lose their lives owing to strokes and heart attacks, as they will become more common.

It is even being said that breathing problems will also become severe. Things are even more troubling in New York City as demographics change within a city over the time. Elderly and very young are at an increased risk to extreme heat events that are expected to become more frequent and severe.

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