Man less likely to use condom during sex if he finds woman quite attractive

Chances of a man to use condom decline with rise in attractive quotient of a woman, finds a new study. Researchers from the University of Bristol and University of Southampton have found that men were likely to wear a condom in the above given situation irrespective of risk perceived by them of getting diagnosed with a disease.

In the study published in the British Medical Journal Open, the researchers have interviewed 51 heterosexual men between the ages of 18 and 69. The participants were shown with the photos of 20 women faces.

They were asked to rate them on the scale of zero to 100. Among the things asked were each woman’s attractiveness, chances that they would have sex with her, chances that they would use a condom when they will have sex with her and the chances the woman is having a sexually transmitted infection.

It was found that the more attractive a woman is found by the men, they are more willing to have sex with her and less likely to use a condom during it. The researchers said that higher use of condom meant that they did not find woman to be much attractive, higher rating of her STI chances, the participant is in an exclusive relationship, he is less satisfied with its sex life, more number of sexual partners and lower confidence in assessing whether a woman has a STI.

The researchers mentioned, “Male perceptions of attractiveness influence their condom use intentions; such risk biases could profitably be discussed during sex education sessions and in condom use promotion interventions”.

Study’s lead researcher Anastasia Eleftheriou from the University of Southampton in England said that studies carried out in the past have suggested about a link between perceived attractiveness and person’s willingness to have unprotected sex.

In fact, a previous study including woman has found similar results. The more attractive they found a man to be more interested they were to have unprotected sex with him. In fact, it was found to be true irrespective of the fact if that particular man was having more chances to have a sexually transmitted infection than less attractive man.

The researchers have also found that a man’s perception of his own attractiveness also played a role. It was found that the more attractive a man considered himself to be, less were the chances that he would use a condom.

From the study findings, the researchers suggest that sexual behavior is irrational when it comes to avoid infections. Like, men were less likely to use a condom if they found a woman more attractive and even if they think she would be having STI. But they were more likely to use a condom if they considered a woman to be less attractive, even if there were low chances of having her STI. In this situation as per the researchers, one-size-fits-all option would not work to educate men about condom use. In fact, education efforts needs to be different depending if the men are more bent towards woman having increased chances of having STI or more attracted to women who think are less likely to have STIS.

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