Southern Illinois University Carbondale warns people about possibility of blue-green algae in Campus Lake

The Candlewood Lake Authority (CLA) has urged residents to talk to their local health department and report a bloom in case they witness one on the lake. CLA is the authority for the five lake towns around Candlewood Lake.

According to First Selectman Susan Chapman, the park on Candlewood Lake was shut on Thursday but was likely to reopen on weekend. Chapman said that the water has been tested with the help of a latest rapid test to find out the apt time to allow swimmers to dive back into the water.

Southern Illinois University Carbondale has cautioned people regarding the chances of presence of blue-green algae in Campus Lake. The university has recommended people to stay away from algae by avoiding Campus Lake water. The blue-green algae are also called cyanobacteria.

The university officials have been trying so long to find an answer to the issue of blue-green algae, which arises in water naturally. The university said that it is soon going to conduct efforts to make the condition of the lake better. When there is rapid growth of algae, it leads to a state known as bloom.

Since May, the Center for Environmental Health and Safety at university has been checking the lake weekly. Since then, a state advisory body has also been recommending residents to stay alert and careful of blue-green algae in lakes and rivers of Illinois.

As per Kevin Bame, vice chancellor administration and finance, fishing and boating have been prohibited in the 43-acre lake temporarily. University has even posted warning signs. The university’s drinking water is safe, and the walking path surrounding the lake will also stay open.

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