Scientists identify New Genetic Variants linked to Migraine

Several new genetic variants have been identified that are linked to migraine headaches, announced a scientist team. It also said that the finding is huge and may also help in developing new treatments.

A majority of variants are close to genes in circulatory system regulation. According to the researchers, it suggests that abnormal blood vessel function in a brain is crucial in conditions like migraines.

The finding of dozens of new variants is going to play an important role in the development of new treatments. It should be considered as a major step towards more-advanced and evidence-based treatments for migraines, said John-Anker Zwart, a researcher in the study from the Oslo University Hospital.

It is well known that every migraine case is different. Every patient of the condition is different from other and it is not necessary that a drug working for one patient will also work for others, as per Zwart. “In the future, we hope that this information can be utilized in dividing the patients into different genetic susceptibility groups for clinical drug trials, thus increasing the chances of identifying the best possible treatment for each subgroup”, he added.

Migraine is a primary headache disorder that affects about 15% people across the globe. The new discovery is a result of analysis of DNA samples taken from about 375,000 Europeans, Americans and Australians. About 60,000 of them reported suffering from migraine. According to the researchers, about 30 new genetic variants were found associated with migraine. The variants are in 38 genomic regions, and just 10 were linked to migraine risk in the past, they added.

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