Rosetta team making perfume using comet’s unpleasant smell

Rosetta team making perfume using comet’s unpleasant smell

Colin Snodgrass, a scientist from the Rosetta mission team, came up with an idea of making perfume using comet 67P, which is also known as Rosetta's comet. The comet gives out unpleasant smell that is an outcome of blend of gases that are ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen and cyanide of the comet.

The Rosetta spacecraft explored comet 67P more than two years ago. The scientists are working with scent firm the Aroma Company to create the new perfume. Once made, Snodgrass wants to put the scent into postcards so to transport it to around the globe for people to experience how bad the solar system does smell.

The Rosetta-scented postcards will be distributed at London's Summer Science Exhibition, a science festival put on by The Royal Society. Admissions to the exhibition will be free. The perfume to be available at exhibition will only be a distilled version of the comet's odor.


[They] "picked the things that are the smelliest. If you could smell a comet, this is what you would get, but it would be difficult to actually smell it. If you are standing there without your space suit, you're not going to notice the smell, you're just going to notice the lack of air”, said Snodgrass, as published in New Scientist.

A reporter from New Scientist named Jacob Aaron had also smelled the comet's scent. He described the smell saying that Rosetta is sharp and unpleasant. In fact, it is so unpleasant that he said it smells similar as how his skull from inside would have smelt.


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