People favor Self-driving Car That Kills Passenger to Save Many Others, but Don’t Want to Buy it for Themselves

Will you ride a self-driving car that may kill you intentionally? A new survey asked people whether they will prefer autonomous cars that are programmed to save most people during an accident, and found that most people weren’t in mood of sacrificing their life for others.

content/57490-people-favor-self-driving-car-kills-passenger-save-many-others-don/These self-driving vehicles have an algorithm that works to kill minimum people in case of a major crash. For examples, if the vehicle finds that there are five pedestrians and only one passenger, it will choose to kill a person inside the car.

Most people in the survey reported saving most people, but they had a different opinion when it was about their life. When they learnt that the self-driving car could kill them, they weren’t in favor of buying this car for themselves.

“The study participants disapprove of enforcing utilitarian regulations for autonomous vehicles and would be less willing to buy such an AV. Accordingly, regulating for utilitarian algorithms may paradoxically increase casualties by postponing the adoption of safer technology”, said researchers of a study on the survey.

To know more about people’s views on these vehicles, the researchers conducted about six online surveys that included more than 1,900 participants. The surveys were conducted last year. Each survey had different questions.

There are many carmakers and technology companies that are currently working to develop advanced autonomous vehicles. Some of the key players in the sector are: Toyota, Google, Acura, BMW, and several others.

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