Ford will showcase second-gen self-driving prototype at CES 2017

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 event scheduled to be held in Las Vegas next week, bigwig automaker Ford will introduce its second-generation self-driving prototype — an upgraded model of the company’s self-driving Ford Fusion Hybrid sedan.

The second-generation version of Ford’s self-driving prototype will be equipped with highly advanced sensors, along with substantially improved computing power and proprietary software which will give the car the ability to ‘think for itself.’

According to the details shared by Ford, the ‘brain’ of the company’s upgraded self-driving prototype will be located in the trunk of the car, and will be capable of processing the data which is collected by a number of high-tech sensors that can see the road.

Ford has further revealed that the data collected by the sensors will be processed by the car’s ‘brain’ with the help of a software system which has been developed in-house by the automaker.

Revealing that Ford will debut the upgraded version of its self-driving Ford Fusion Hybrid sedan at the forthcoming CES 2017 event, Chris Brewer — chief engineer of autonomous-vehicle development at Ford — said: “It’s been three years since we hit the streets with our first Fusion Hybrid autonomous research vehicle, and this latest version takes everything we learned and builds on it.”

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