Paedophile forced out of her N.H. home

A convicted paedophile was forced out of her New Hampshire home after neighbors discovered her true identity, according to local media reports.

Tracy Lyons, 46, had been living in Southampton under a different surname for around six years, since she was released from prison. She was sentenced for her part in a notorious paedophile ring led by nursery worker Vanessa George and her boyfriend Colin Blanchard in Plymouth.

Her real identity got revealed after a neighbor spotted a Christmas greeting card in her home. The card was sent by a sex offenders’ support charity, called Circles.

Sources said Lyons left her house after neighbors confronted her on Christmas Eve. She called police for protection and fled the area.

Richard, a Southampton resident, “said, “Police arrived and went into her property. Twenty minutes later a taxi arrived and they came out with boxes and her pets. She left with her head down and didn’t look at anyone or say anything.”

Colin Blanchard met Lyons over the internet and convinced her to sexually assault young children and send him the perverted photos. She abused young children at Little Ted’s nursery in Plymouth and sent photos to please Blanchard.

New Hampshire police and Southampton City officials were unavailable for a comment on the matter.

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