Chuck Morse becomes N.H. governor for 2 days

Republican Senate President Chuck Morse has become New Hampshire’s new governor, but only for a couple of days. Morse is filling the vacancy as former Gov. Maggie Hassan has sworn in as a U.S. Senator, while Gov.-elect Chris Sununu hasn’t yet entered the governor’s office.

Morse officially became the new governor of the Granite State at 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday this week and he will hold the position until around noon Thursday, when Sununu will be sworn in.

He said an astonishing amount of preparation went into his short reign, including meetings with the Departments of Safety & Homeland Security; assigning temporary security detail; meetings with the state Senate’s legal counsel to understand how his Senate role would change.

Despite the very short stint, someone did mark a spot on a wall of the State House where Morse could be forever remembered. Underneath a printed out headshot of Morse on a wall on the second floor, there are words, “The Future Site of the Portrait of Interim Governor Chuck Morse.”

Despite the very short duration of the stint, Morse is enjoying all the special treatment that a regular governor gets, including a security detail to pick him up each morning at his Salem home; he was ceremoniously introduced as governor to start yesterday’s House session; sitting next to Speaker Shawn Jasper as members sang the national anthem and took the Pledge of Allegiance.

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