N.H. father fired after he missed work to see the birth of son

A New Hampshire man was fired from his security guard job after he missed work to be with his pregnant wife who delivered the first baby born in Concord on New Year’s Day.

According to local media reports, Lamar Austin, who worked as a security guard at Salerno Protective Services, was told by his bosses that he would be terminated if he didn’t show up for his shift.

Thirty-year-old Austin said he had to choose between work and family, and he decided to choose family. Resultantly, he was fired from the job.

Austin told reporters, “It was hard, but if I have to choose between work and family, I’m always going to pick my family.”

He explained that he was a month into a ninety-day probationary contract with the employer and missed shifts on 30th and 31st of December because his wife went into labor.

The couple welcomed their son, named Cainan, at 7:44 a.m. on January 1, 2017. Austin received a text message just an hour into the New Year informing him that he was terminated.

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