N.H. woman strikes police officer while performing sword trick

A 51-year-old New Hampshire woman struck a police officer in the face with her hands while performing a sword trick, officials confirmed.

Lisa Bunker, a resident of Manchester, started performing sword tricks and struck an officer in the face with her hands Monday night, when police arrived at her home in response to a report of a domestic disturbance.

The woman accidentally struck herself also in the head, causing a cut just over one of her eyes.
Her ex-husband, who was also present in the house, suffered multiple small cuts to both of his hands while trying to remove the sword for her hands.

The incident ended with the arrest of the woman. It was not immediately clear if she had a lawyer to represent her in the court. She was scheduled to be arraigned in a court on Tuesday.

After being taken into custody, Bunker was slapped with a number of charges, including resisting arrest, reckless conduct and simple assault. No further information was made public as the case remains under investigation.

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