Snowshoeing in New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Valley

New Hampshire’s Mount Washington, the highest peak on the East Coast, is widely famous for its “wtf” weather in the winter season, but it has been calm thus far this year. Many visitors say it feels like great days for snowshoeing in the area.

Snowshoeing is a kind of hiking, and snowshoes are footwear for walking over the snow. Snowshoes are particularly helpful in walking on the snow as they work by distributing the weight of the person over a bigger area so that the person’s foot doesn’t descend totally into the snow.

One can enjoy a delicious breakfast at Stonehurst Manor, and head to the town of Eaton, which is located just a few miles outside Conway. Snowshoes can be procured from any of the plenty of outfitters who rent them for around $15 per day.

However, one can also get snowshoes on Craigslist. Traditionally snowshoes were made of wood and leather by local craftsmen.

The Crystal Lake, near the Eaten Village Store, is absolutely picturesque with the snow covering the land and the sun out. North Conway can be described as something of the East Coast’s version of Tahoe, without the tacky casinos.

Like any other snowshoeing trails in the Granite State, the Mount Washington Valley also attracts hundreds of hikers, campers and nature lovers from near and far each year in winter.

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