N.H. Republicans choose new chairperson

N.H. Republicans choose new chairperson

Members of the New Hampshire Republican Committee recently chose Jeanie Forrester, a former state senator, as their next state party chairperson.

Forrester was among the top critics of the policies of Maggie Hassan, former state governor who is now a senator. Last year, the conservative leader unsuccessfully challenged Republican Gov. Chris Sununu in the primary election.

She was the only announced candidate for the position of state party chairperson. Her plan called "Make New Hampshire Red Again" calls for expansion of town Republican committees, and replicating Republicans' state-level successes in federal races.


A few days back, Forrester said, "I'm going to hit the ground running, and we're going to start talking about how we take back at least one congressional seat."

Outgoing Chairwoman Jennifer Horn advised that the new chairwoman's primary duties should be to elect Republicans, advocate for the party's platform in addition to maintaining unity among various ranks. All other duties should fall in line with those goals.

Democrats have repeatedly criticized Forrester, and gave her the nickname "Toxic Jeanie" during her tenure as a state senator. During state budget debates in 2015, she fiercely criticized the then-Gov. Maggie Hassan. Recently, she slammed Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter for skipping President Trump's inauguration.


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