2016 election showed Democrats need to go in a different direction: Woodburn says

Results of the 2016 election showed that the Democratic Party needs to go in a different, more progressive direction, New Hampshire Senate Minority Leader Jeff Woodburn said.

The N.H. Democratic Party won all four seats in the Congressional delegation, but local election races presented a far more gloomy result for the party. Democrats lost control of the governor’s office for the first time in the last twelve years.

In addition to winning the race for the governor’s office, the Republican Party also managed to retain majorities in both houses of the state legislature as well as the Executive Council.

Woodburn, a Democrat from Whitefield, admitted that his party can not regain control of the governor’s office in 2018 by taking the “Republican-lite” approach.

Speaking on the topic, Woodburn said, “All the smart people in the Democratic Party were wrong in 2016. Growing the party, being open minded, being progressive and being bold is what we need to do and we have not been. We cannot win this next election in 2018 by taking the Republican-lite approach.”

Woodburn also alleged that the Republican caucus has become much more conservative than it was thirty years ago, and accused President Donald Trump of creating a very hostile environment.

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