Charges against N.H. man accused of killing his step-daughter dismissed

Charges against N.H. man accused of killing his step-daughter dismissed

A judge on Monday dismissed the charges against a New Hampshire man who was accused of murdering his step-daughter in West Stewartstown more than five years ago.

Wendell Noyes, 52, was arrested and charged with killing his step-daughter Celina Cass by submerging her body in the Connecticut River. The victim's dead body was found six days after she went missing.

The girl's disappearance led to a massive search by local, state and federal law enforcement officers in the town of Stewartstown, which is situated just a mile from the U. S.-Canada border.


Eleven-year-old Cass was reported missing in July 2011, and Noyes was slapped with the charge of second degree murder in the death of the girl in June 2016.

But, he received a positive ruling yesterday, when a judge ruled that he wasn't competent to stand trial in connection with the killing of his step-daughter.

Following the judge's ruling official said Noyes would be moved back to the New Hampshire Psychiatric Hospital for an indefinite period of time.


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