Health ministry proposes anti-smoking law for public places

Health ministry proposes anti-smoking law for public places

The Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Non-smokers Health Ordinance 2001 is already operational at the federal level. Health ministry is planning to either control or abolish smoking in public places. For the purpose, a draft of law was created that would include more strict regulations. The proposed draft will not designate smoking areas in workplaces.

The bill named K-P Prohibition of Smoking/Tobacco Products and Protection of Non-Smokers Health Bill, 2016 seeks to check smoking at public places. It was drafted by the health department keeping in mind to put ban on smoking in public places. Once passed, the bill will imposed a ban on smoking in places such as auditoriums, health institutes, amusement centres, restaurants, public offices, court buildings as well as cinema, conference and seminar halls.

The governor and chief minister has already cleared the draft and also has submitted it to the assembly secretariat. The draft is different from the 2001 ordinance in many ways. The 2001 ordinance banned smoking at workplaces, but has designated areas in workplaces for smoking. The tobacco in the draft also includes shisha. Those considered in the category of smoking under the draft are cigarettes, cigars or pipe.


The federal law prevents people to store, sell or distribute cigarettes or any other smoking substance with tobacco within 50 metres of any college, school or educational institute. The same has been decided to be expanded to 100 metres by the provincial government. The bill has designated areas of health facilities and public parks as non-smoking areas.

Other places to come under draft as non-smoking areas are hotel or waiting lounges, libraries, bus stations, sports stadiums, educational institutes and libraries. It even includes rooftops, lawns and lobbies of the premises.


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